Monday, 10 September 2007

Losing it...

HI there. I haven't really had time to blog of late, and i am sorry about that. I did notice something in the Paisley Express which is one of the most ridiculous pieces of spinning i have ever seen.

One of our local MSP's (for the neighbouring constituancy of Paisley North as it happens) is Wendy Alexander, who will soon be taking over as the New Labour leader at Holyrood. You may remember as well that her party lost control of Renfrewsire Council to a SNP/Lib Dem coalition. Since then we have had to put up with the sort of backbiting that sore loosers normaly indulge in.

But to get back to the Paisley Express. Ms Alexander writes a colum for this organ, and today, while bemoaning the fact that another 2 town centre shops were to close (her column today was headlined SNP MUST DO SOMETHING TO STOP TOWN CENTRE ROT), she goes on to say -quote

"If Labour had been re-elected in May, it would have helped breath new life into the town centre by allowing it to share in a £50 million Town Centre Turnaround fund.

The Cash bonanza would have been used to aid the town centre's recovery..."

She goes on to outline various measures where this money would have been spent.

The question many of us would like to ask is, where was this money before the election, where was this money say, oh, 3 years ago when Paisley town centre started to go down the tubes. Would Paisley town centre be more worthy of re-generation than, say, some council buildings. Why was this money promised if a new Labour administration got back into Cotton Street. And how and why can Labour get a hold of £50 million now, is it our money that they forgot to tell us about? Answers on a postcard please!


Anonymous said...

You do realise that lose is spelt with one "o" right?

Allan said...

Consider it amended.

I had thought of it as a pun, but Nah!