Thursday, 13 December 2007

Picks of the Year 2007

As is traditional at this time of year, we look back over the last year. Indeed, the BBC have already done so with their Sports Personality of the Year programme. The shortlist was truly awful, but the correct person won.

2007 will not go down as a great sporting year, and this will be reflected when I pick my sporting moments of the year in a couple of weeks time. Last year I wrote about Caitlin McLatchey winning Commonwealth Gold and the catalyst it was to Scotland’s most successful Commonwealth Games, St Mirrens 1st Division Championship win, England’s World Cup exit at the hands of Portugal, Scotland’s Euro 2008 qualifying win against France and England’s defeat to Australia in the 2nd Ashes Test.

I wil also be picking my moment of the year, but firstly I will be picking my television moments of the year. Last year I picked 5 programmes, this year its doubtful if I will pick as many. Apart from not having so much time on my hands this year, the quality of television programmes has been exceptionally poor. Added to the ongoing scandal regarding faking competition winners, which surrounds most of our programme makers. 2007 must be the worst year in television history. Thankfully the Shetty/Goody thing in Celebrity Big Brother may just have been that programmes jump the shark moment.

I picked Life on Mars last year, which returned this year. This year’s series wasn’t as good, the first half of the series was ok, while the characters seamed to forget previous events. The last 3 episodes, coinciding with the introduction of the mysterious DCI Frank Morgan, saw the show back to its best. Ashes to Ashes, the follow up show has a tough act to follow. I also picked Doctor Who last year, and again the first half of this series felt as if the show was on cruse control. Again it picked up half way through the run, the Human Nature/The Family Blood story is up there as one of the best stories since Who came back. The return of the Master was excellent too, though it did have a bit of a rubbish ending. Last year I also picked Fantabulosa, Low Winter Sun & What We Did On Holiday.

Before I go, I want to mention 2 programmes I would have picked, had I seen more of them. Spooks any time I have seen it this series has been excellent, with Hermione Norris excellent as Ros, youre not sure which side she is on this series. Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares has also been excellent, I would go so far as to say that it is the best reality show on British television. I do wish the update shows didn’t feel like a repeat thought.

As ever all comments are welcome. See you next time.

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