Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Spin... and lot's of it.

Extract from the Paisley Daily Express, dated March 27.

"A council spokesperson said: “Renfrewshire is in line with the Scottish average on recycling but we want to improve that record and are taking forward a number of new approaches to achieve that.

“Also, from the autumn, the council will increase opportunities for waste collection. Recyclable household material will start to have its own specific weekly collection, followed the next week by the collection of non-recyclable material.”

Sooooo.... am i right in thinking that Renfrewshire council are trying to sneak fortnightly collections for non-recyclable waste through the back door without announcing it. There is an obvious public health issue here, encouraging vermin which bring disease. It was bad enough when Glenburn had an infestation of field mice 2 years ago. We really don't need the flies and rats.

Having said that, the council must be congratulated for recognising that it's recycling processes are not up to scratch. Anyone who uses the green and blue re-cycling bins knows that they are not really up to standard, they are too small to recycle anything. That and the binmen's ram-rod refusal to recycle the plastic milk bottle's.

But if the council are bringing in fortnightly collections. Sneaky... sneaky.

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