Thursday, 4 February 2010

Airbrushing The SNP From The General Election

While the SNP cognoscenti have been congratulating themselves for getting their third budget through the Scottish Parliament, which might only last until the other side of the next General Election.  The General Election campaign took an interesting twist straight after the passage of the Budget Bill.

There were people handing out flyers outside Glasgow Central train station.  There was no mention of the SNP on these flyers, what it did say was “The Scottish Conservitives (sic) have secured a good budget deal for Scotland for the third year running”.  The flyer went on to point up the Budget plus points the Tories feel they have a hand in, before turning the knife by listing the proposals New Labour voted against.  The kiss off line went something like this “Remember – at a British General Election only the Conservatives can replace this weak and divided Labour Government…”

Surely they haven't forgotten how much people here break out in hives at the merest mention of our favourite milk snatching, hard industry destroying, poll tax inflicting creators of broken Britain.  Not an impressive start.

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