Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Person Gets Engaged Shocker!

So let me get this one right, we are maybe going to see the beginning of the end of the Euro, or the beginning of the end of Ireland as an independent economic country, less capable of taking economic decisions than…  well Scotland.  We are still in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s, which our government have taken as a sign to enact the scorched earth policies they strenuously denied they would enact pre-election – egged on by the Lib Dems.  So what has been dominating the news today.  Why today’s the day that the engagement of William & Kate was announced.

It is good news, if you are a fan of the Royals.  For the rest of us (who think that the most real depiction of the Royals is a cross between “The Borgia’s” and “Spitting Image”), any goodwill will have evaporated within five minutes of hearing the news with the already unbearably awful fawning coverage.  For fear of loosing my DAB, I switched off the radio at lunchtime after 10 minutes of the stuff.

And what about all that “Bringing the Nation together” rubbish, what nation exactly are you talking about?  It shows an ignorance of the make up of the UK when “The Nation” is normally wheeled out, normally at World Cup time.  When it was wheeled out at lunchtime, it showed an ignorance of the  deep grindingly black pit many people face regarding their future and their families future thanks to the scorched earth policy pursued by the current government and their cheerleaders.

I do hope that, on a personal level, William & Kate do enjoy their time together.  If only because I would imagine being at the centre of the sort of media scrutiny they are about to be put under, will not be pleasant.  Particularly with The Firm as the in-laws.

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