Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Victimless Crime?

For a crime that many people were claiming has no victims, the conclusion of the Tommy Sheridan trial has a queue of people claiming to be victims.  Unfortunately there was a lot of BS being spoken by those claiming victimhood.

We can now say that Tommy Sheridan did visit swingers clubs, and we can say that Sheridan was unfaithful to his wife.  Sheridan claims that he is the victim of a vast conspiracy to bring him down, where in the future films will be made starring Kevin Costner.  The truth is that Sheridan was the victim of a conspiracy by his party to oust him from his position, and was a victim of his own vanity.  The film of that will star a couple of guy’s from River City.  Sheridan let his vanity take over when he began his libel case. 

Had he not launched the case he might have been able to laugh it off and make a comeback a couple of years down the line.  Instead of which, Sheridan adopted the same moral high tone of Cecil Parkinson and David Mellor and painted himself as an honest man with family values.  Were this a certain kind of blog, I would be speculating about exactly what kind of relationship the Sheridan’s have.  After all Sheridan’s career is now dust because of his desire to keep his extravagant sex life out of the public eye, and more importantly from his wife.

First in the queue for victimhood are the SSP. If memory serves, they ousted Sheridan from the leadership and started to brief against Sheridan from the off.  Not exactly the wronged stance they have been attempting to re-write in recent day’s.  Unless i am very much mistaken, adultery, sex clubs are not illegal.  After all, this is the UK not Iran.  Yet the SSP took the puritanical line, that this kind of behaviour was not acceptable and that Sheridan should be removed from his post.  I should point out two things here. Firstly I don’t think Sheridan’s behaviour was acceptable, but secondly i don’t think he had the full support from his party.  Which is why i think his ousting as SSP leader is the only conspiracy on show here.  I think that winning 6 seats at the 2003 Holyrood elections went to some people’s heads, maybe Colin Fox’s, maybe Carolyn Leckie and maybe people thought that we don’t need Sheridan, and oops here’s an opportunity to get rid of him.

Not that this post is the only one gunning at the pious positions taken up by the anti-Tommy camp.  The rival party set up by Sheridan, Solidarity, has backed their man and attacked the SSP hierarchy for taking the side of Rupert Murdoch in this argument.  Conveniently ignoring the fact that Sheridan “slept” with a News of the Screw’s columnist.

The truth is that the real victims of Sheridan’s conviction, and the events surrounding it, are voters of a left wing persuasion.  At a time when a right wing government (wearing a red rosette) has been replaced with an equally right wing government (wearing a fetching blue/yellow combo), politicians from the Solidarity/SSP camps have shown themselves to be selfish, duplicitous, sneaky, untrustworthy, and perfectly at home in adopting Tory family values.  They have preferred to train their fire on each other than on the enemy.  In short they have made themselves un-electable.


Billy Carlin said...

Sorry totally disagree with you Allan. Tommy Sheridan brought this on himself. With what went on in the SNP here in Renfrewshire I thought that there were people in the SSP out to get him until I saw the handwritten minutes, that were taken to the police by the girl who was the minute taker because Tommy accused her of doctoring them and being a liar. I would have done the same in that senario.

Also the SSP wanted him to own up to this and he refused because he wanted to be the big man by taking on the paper so they were right to dump him because he was dragging his party into it. If he had just owned up to it no-one would have bothered, apart from his wife probably, and he would still have been the leader of his party.

What people seem to forget as well is that it was the Judge in the first case who instigated the investigation into perjury in that case and the subsequent inquiry by the police proved that it was Tommy Sheridan himself that was guilty.

Tommy sowed his own downfall, he picked a fight with the NOW based on lies, everyone was a liar apart from him and there are too many people in the Tommy cult rather than the truth and the people.

Allan said...


I did say in the first couple of paragraph's that Sheridan did bring it on himself by not coming clean and by fighting the allegations. Unfortunatly, and this is the point of the post, neither Sheridan, his supporters, or the surviving SSP heirarchy have particularaly covered themselves in glory.

At the end of the day, we don't really know what happened at that meeting (are the minutes still sub judice as there are various appeals pending?). Everything has stemmed from that meeting. Until the minutes are able to be published, then doubts will remain about what both sides say.

Having said that the SWP rep that appeared on "Call Kaye" the day after the verdict was just simply ridiculous.

Billy Carlin said...

Hi Allan - The handwritten minutes were published in the Sunday Herald I think it was at the time when the girl took them to the police - that is when I thought the guy was guilty. He was obviously more scared of his wife than taking on the NOW.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Allan, There are several things about the Sheridan case that trouble me. I think the best summing up I have heard is by Ian Hamilton QC on I urge you to have a shufty at that and see if your opinions remain the same.