Thursday, 7 July 2011

Some Thoughts About The Passing of "The Screws"

As predicted earlier, things have changed. As a result after this Sunday, the News of The Screws is no more.  Murdoch has clearly sacrificed his biggest selling Sunday newspaper, in order to draw a line under this scandal.  If it works, expect Jeremy Hunt to give the go ahead for the buy-out of BSkyB after the Summer recess.  If it doesn't, Murdoch, Brooks, cameron & Hunt are in more trouble than they though...

However, the issues in relation to alledged police corruption have come to the fore.  There are two interesting snippets that deserve to be picked up by the mainstream media, see what you think.

1)  Both the Deputy Commissioner of the Metripolitan Police Paul Stevenson & Inspector Yates had dinner with the Screws deputy editor Neil Wallis in 2006, at the time of the first phone hacking investigation.  Yates also dined with the current Screws editor Colin Myler & their crime editor Lucy Panton in November 2009, not long after the decision not to re-open the Phone hacking investigation was taken.

2) Andy Hayman, the former assistant commissioner to the Metrepolitan police was the main investigating officer for the first enquiry into phone hacking.  Hayman left the Met in 2007 and now works for...  News International as a columnist for The Times.

(Hat-tip: Private Eye issue 1286)

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