Monday, 2 February 2009

Wanted... For Undermining Democracy

Now, let me get this right. The country is going down the tubes, we are becoming more and more of a laughing stock with every passing day, while our dear leader fiddles about in his deckchair rearranging exercise, while not doing anything to really help things. Like give the bankers the dressing down that they soooo richly deserve.

Then news appears about these jokers, and they are. But then maybe we are for putting up with an antiquated second chamber for so long. Whatever, these people, that is (clockwise from top left) Thomas Taylor (Former leader of Blackburn Council), Lewis Mooney (former Kirkaldy MP), Peter Snape (former midlands MP) and Peter Truscott (another former MP), deserve to be expelled from our democratic processes.

We need people to stand up for our interests, not the interests of the highest bidder. It feels apt that this is one of the key themes of late on this blog, and here we are again on my 100th DFP post. I feel that the next 100 are not going to be happy ones either.

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