Sunday, 15 March 2009

Chris Rock on... NEDS!?!!

And the row over Teenage parents rumbles on…

While commenting on Terry Kelly’s blog, it occurred to me that most of what I felt about the lazy poor, those poor defenceless creatures that Kelly clearly loves could be best described not by, as Kelly thinks, Peter Lilley, Alf Garnett or anyone working for the Scum newspaper, but by that hard line Right Winger… er Chris Rock!

For anyone who isn't aware of Rock, he is, as well as being an excellent comedian, has also shared a stage with (pre) President Obama. In his Black People versus N-word monologue, he described N-words in way’s which draw incredible parallels with our own beige tartan wearing populace. The best bit is about 4 minutes in.

Remember kids, all good comedy travel’s…

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