Monday, 30 March 2009

Real Targets

In my line of work, I often use the FSA website. Today was no exception, when I noticed this little self congratulatory nugget about some inside dealing.

While it is great that the FSA are clearly doing their job, there is the deafening sound of silence from the FSA about investigating bankers, whose decisions to override the advice given to them, caused the collapse of our remaining banking icon. I’d have thought a criminal investigation would have been due against Goodwin or McKillop (or even both of them). After all, our friend’s across the pond are preparing “criminal negligence” writ’s as we speak.

While we are on about Goodwin, I must mention the little difficulty he had with vandals. We can’t really condone vandalism, it was wrong. But then, so is not taking responsibility for your poor decisions. We have a generation of businessmen and politicians who believe they can do what they please, as they please, and are very pleased with themselves. What happened with Goodwin had shown that public opinion will no longer tolerate such behaviour.

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