Monday, 8 September 2014

The Last Day's Of Cameron?

Before I go on, can I ask for whatever the BT woman had in her cup.  It seems as if whatever she had stimulated her into a decision over a subject many people are agonising about.  Many people are either undecided or not certain of the decision.  The woman dubbed #patronisingBTwoman by social media apparently made a decision over the course of 180 seconds of drinking her…  well we don’t know what the hell that stuff was. 

Honestly, they'll love my Salmon joke...
How NATO could have used Beattie (as we could call her) to come up with a solution relating to the latest bout of insanity in Syria and Iraq since she’s that good at decision making.  Let’s be honest, she would have been better at representing us on the global stage than the one man advert for slackers everywhere.  This brings me to the subject of leadership.

If you are a “Yes” supporter, how do you feel about your leader?  Do you feel that Salmond has lead your campaign effectively & successfully.  For my money, even though he has made some policy mistakes, you know that at the end of the campaign Salmond will have – in sporting parlance – left everything on the sporting paddock.

If you are a “No” supporter, I would imagine your thoughts and emotions are rather different.  I would think that you’re leader has been unimaginative and not really bothered to engage, preferring to point at fish in Portugal than debate with voters or, heaven forbid, his opposite number.  What do you mean Darling is the leader of your campaign?  Your campaign should have been lead by the leader of this country looking to keep the country together.

It’s not just the ramrod refusal to debate with Salmond that has made me think that Cameron really should be the highest profile casualty if Scotland vote’s yes.  Cameron’s contributions have been intermittent and incoherent.  There’s just nothing there arguing that we are better together.  It’s all reminiscent of the song Rangers fans used to sing to Celtic in the pre-McCann days.  All you’ve got is your history.  As for campaigning for the union in cycle velodrome’s in London, it’s not exactly the grass roots campaign Yes have, is it?

It’s somewhat ironic that it’s 100 years since the First World War, a conflict who’s overriding image (to the annoyance of Michael Gove) is that of lion hearted British soldiers being lead by a ruling class that don’t have a clue what to do and show no signs of any sort of original thought.  Why David Cameron would have fitted right in given his utterly inept leadership of the campaign to save the union.

As for the excuses, sorry but that he is such an unlikable tosser is suddenly our fault?  He has made absolutely zero effort in this debate.  If there is a yes vote a week on Thursday, his place in ignominy as the worst prime minister of the UK will be assured and very well deserved.  And if the polls and momentum are right, bye bye Cameron.

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