Friday, 24 October 2008


Consult: V 1) To seek information or advice from (a person, book etc): to take counsel (with) 2) To take (feelings etc) into consideration.

Consultation: N Consulting: a meeting for this purpose.

Note that description of the word consultation, because at the moment there are consultation exercises happening at the moment which would break the trade’s description act.

The Post Office, having decided to close 43 post offices out of the original list, they have decided that they would like to close (in a more permanent fashion than is currently planned) the PO in Linwood. Whatever the arguments for closing these branches, and these seem to hinge on the vagaries of finance and commercial confidentiality, the consultation process surrounding Linwood does seem to have the air of going through the motions. Sorry, but Linwood will close.

The other consultation process involves Renfrewshire Council’s intention to close South Primary School. It is now clear that Renfrewshire Council is sinking further into debt, no doubt hindered by the £149 million second mortgage which paid for the ongoing renovations of Renfrewshire’s schools. This is New Labours parting gift to the voters of Renfrewshire. However the SNP/Lib Dem administration have made a bad situation worse. The cuts to public services, coupled with the warden fee hikes were inadvisable and poorly handled to say the least.

However the announcement of the closure of the South, smacks of some sort of desperation. Coming so soon after the announcement concerning the inflation busting wage rises for the Councils heads of service, its very poor timing. Something which has cropped up in Cllr Kelly’s blog is that there may be some sort of ulterior motive for this closure. There is the (unsubstantiated) rumour that Aldi, having bought the land at the Vitafoam factory, would like some more land for an access road. Land for houses is always popular, even in this economic climate. I’m sure that Renfrewshire Council’s favourite house builder, Robertson’s, would be interested more land.

However, this is just rumour and speculation. What is true is that Renfrewshire Council, like the Post Office, are intent on closing a vital community facility for reasons which are not cast iron.

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Anonymous said...

Allan, there's no point arguing with Terry Kelly. It would make more rewarding to repeatedly bang your head against a brick wall.

The man's a buffoon, plain and simple. Personally I find it hard to believe that the Labour Party, in this day and age could countenance having him as a member. He would be more at home in the Socialist Worker's Party. The only reason he doesn't join them is that SWP candidates never get elected.