Monday, 18 May 2009

Is Speaker Martin Being Made A Scapegoat?

Having only just caught up with the news, it is incredible that Michael Martin is still clinging on to his post. His share of largesse is an offence to every working class person in Scotland, and he really should be gone.

Yet, there is a part of me which finds the mock anger as disgusting as Martins behaviour. Most MP’s have behaved like pig’s in the trough, yet to pick on one symbol of the disgusting largesse which MP’s have enjoyed (stolen?) at our expense, shows our elected representatives as the cowardly backstabbing animals that they are. And that’s not to ignore the element of our MP’s (and some journalists, Quentin Letts, I think was the first) who are quite happy to use the sectarian term “Gorbals Mick” to describe the speaker.

The whole edifice needs cleaned out, and if MP’s are hoping that we will forget them being caught with their hand’s in the till in the heat over Michael Martin, then WE WON’T.

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