Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Renfrewshire Council & Their Love of Supermarkets

The latest issue of Private Eye features a rather interesting story about Renfrewshire Council’s relationship with tax dodgers Tesco. It claims that Renfrewshire Council have been hawking a piece of land which they own at the bottom of Renfrew Road to Tesco, at the knock down price of £4.75 million. Bearing in mind that Tesco already own land in Paisley, the land formally occupied by St Mirren, their motives for this land is nothing but dubious.

However, this got myself and my partner thinking about other area’s of land which Renfrewshire Council could sell. At this point the conversation turned towards the land currently occupied by South Primary School. Currently that is, until next month, as Renfrewshire Council announced last year that it is to close. The land backs on to the land currently occupied by a derelict factory, which is owned by the continental supermarket Aldi. This land, it has been discovered, is contaminated land.

Now this is pure speculation, but it does make an awful lot of sense. What if Renfrewshire Council were to sell the South Primary School land to Aldi? What if, if it is true, was the plan all along? Aldi could build their store on the old school lands, and build a car park on top of the contaminated land. For their troubles, Renfrewshire Council would pocket maybe £5 million for the land.

As I say, this is just pure speculation, I mean Renfrewshire Council, despite the lure of the money, wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

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Hi Allan,
The Nat/Lib administration is drunk with power, I would not be surprised if this was the case, for example take a look at Dep Provost, Iain Nicilson, he had a strange relationship with Rolls Royce, "dinners, fur coats, hites oout and many more spring to mind".
Once the deal goes through, wait a few weeks and then take a look at the new cars driven by the SNP members, need I say any more.
Cheers Mate

Tom Flood.