Thursday, 17 September 2009


Let’s be honest, anything the SNP announced today would have been shouted down by the swivel eyed experts in selling their granny for political gain, but by axing the Glasgow Airport Rail Link the SNP have really got the backs up of many of the West Coast New Labour MSP’s.

Half of the reason for this is of course this was something of a vanity project for New Labour. All along there was something quite distasteful with the speed this was being rail-roaded through parliament, and the patronising fashion in which dissenting voices were dismissed by the powers that be. We’re building a world class transport link, who cares about some football pitches? Quite a lot of people did actually, which is why New Labour in Renfrewshire lost some votes in the council elections in 2007. As distasteful was the SNP’s acceptance of the project.

In the wake of this decision, what is needed is to look at the project and see if there are any better proposals that can be put in place, with possibly the emphasis on value for money. I have never understood why alternatives were not discussed or dismissed out of hand, these alternatives should now be looked at. For example, a train line to the Airport via Renfrew and Braehead Shopping Centre was mooted by the SSP, while another proposal was a monorail from Gilmour Street to the Airport.

What is not needed is finger pointing and acrimony isn’t that right Purcell?

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subrosa said...

Allan thanks for explaining that because I didn't know much of the detail.