Friday, 18 September 2009

Some Quotes on G A R L's Scrapping

Common sense has prevailed. This is the right decision for the local area.
It is good that the Scottish Government realise that the rail link was simply a case of the emperor with no clothes. There was no economic case for the project
” – Archie Anderson, Chairman – Paisley North Community Council

People in this part of town spoke out strongly against the rail link from the start. The most important thing is that this would never have taken more traffic off the roads” - Lib Dem Renfrewshire Councillor Mike Dillon

With the airport link facing significantly higher costs and at a time when public funding is under serious pressure, I understand the decision, although of course there is some disappointment.

Renfrewshire has secured lasting benefite from the projects early stages, such as the development of new pitches and we’ll continue to press for the completion of the planned new changing accommodation at St James Playing Fields
.” – SNP Leader Renfrewshire Council – Derek MacKay

The Scottish Government has a clear anti-Glasgow agenda. They are investing billions of pounds in the east and north east of Scotland, with projects such as the new Forth crossing, and giving Glasgow the crumbs off the table” – New Labour Leader Glasgow City Council, Stephen Purcell

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