Friday, 8 May 2015

Unlikely Result Alert

Exit polls...  Pfft...

If the exit polls have had the slight air of unbelievability about it, the numbers coming in have proved  the exit poll has been more accurate than we would like to have thought.  Certainly the Nuneaton result is showing that there is a prospect of a Conservative majority government.  When the history of this election is written, Nuneaton will be seen as this election's Basildon moment.

It however looks very... very bad for Labour.  Worse than the exit poll suggested.

With no Scottish results in, but twitter chat, it looks like the Scottish results are showing that the SNP surge is a very real prospect.  Labour figures have gone into "lets blame the Scottish voters" mode, but truth be told their mishandling of the referendum, the Smith Commission and the Tories disgusting campaign (in belittling Scotland & it's voters) will have played a very large part in their downfall.

More to come as the night goes on, one suspects.

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