Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Fog of Redundancy


Just after I started my blogging last year, i found out that the company that I worked for was going to re-locate the offices we worked in down to Coventry. At first i kind of aluded to it in my blogs, writing "I did have one of those Last Supper moments though when i went out with my collegues for lunch. Awkward!" on August 8th. When I left, on August 11th, I wrote this...


Well it’s that time, time to say farewell to you all. I agree with the people that said that it was the people that made this place enjoyable to work, and I have mostly enjoyed my 5 years and 145 days working here…

I wish you all good luck with whatever you do next...."

After working for the same company for more than 5 years, there is not a lot else to say really is there? It is with that i will leave Percepta for (probably) the last time, as i seek pastures new...
Anyone got a tissue?"

A couple of days later, in my original "Fog of Uncertainty" blog i revealed how i really felt...


Well, Friday was my last day at Percepta. I don’t know if you gathered but it was a bit of a wrench. I now feel as if I can provide you with some background on something that has been hovering over me like some sort of dark cloud over the past 5 months.

We were first told that we were going to be made redundant towards the end of March, some of us took it better than others. Me, I was OK about it at the time, but as the situation has developed, I have become more and more anxious to find gainful employment, and at the same time keep my redundancy.

The day of reckoning was July 10th, when I was told that I had 5 weeks notice. I felt relived, I could finally come out and say to potential employers “no notice period, you can have me after 11th August”. I had booked the next 2 days to go to employment agencies in any case.

Friday the 4th was hard as basically the Correspondence team was being broken up on that date, and our Team Leader of several weeks (he had been our Deputy for the previous 6 months) was also being made redundant on that date, alongside a number of my other colleagues as well. We all went out for lunch that afternoon, which is how I described it as a sort of Last Supper moment in one of my previous blogs.

The 11th however was harder than I thought that it would be. Not from a work point of view, just the opposite, giving me time to think & reflect. I have my theories & suspicions, but now is not the time to air them. I am still angry at the way things transpired… I shed a tear or 2… I had my work PC taken away on the Thursday (see picture). But I think I kept my dignity.
So what now, well I have 5 interviews over the next 3 weeks, starting with one on Friday, just before lunchtime."

Since then I have been working as a temp since October, not really sure what will happen, but who knows. I did feel bad over the next couple of weeks or so, mainly due to all the uncertainty as to where my next wage was coming from.

See you soon.

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