Friday, 19 January 2007

New here...

Hi there.

Just a quick blog to say hello. I am Allan, and i have been doing a blog on my Yahoo360 page since last June. I have decided to set one up here to, um, spread the word.

Until i get up and running, i will re-issue some of my previous blogs on Yahoo. My first choice was posted the week after my birthday last July, and includes my thougts on football comentators....
"I have been away from this blog, and now i'm back. I have some things going on that i need to make sense of, which i will need to tell you about. My birthday is also something else that i'll need to talk about as well, but not now.

This entry however is inspired by something i was discussing with a friend on Tuesday about football comentators.
I must admit that i am not a fan of football comentators on the tellevision, Mottson, Tyldsley, et al. Not even the Scottish football comentators of days gone by like Montford & McPherson are to my tastes ( I do like Jock Brown though). No, i prefer the comentators on the radio, like Green, Ingham & Begg.
I think this is because Television comentators tend to tell you the obvious things, a lot, and give you useless information as well. The constant crowbaring of references to England do not go down well either. Fine if England are due to play any of the teams involved, not fine in say Togo versus Switzerland.
I certainly feel that these reasons certainly curtails my enjoyment of football on the TV.
I feel that Football comentators have a lot to learn from comentators of other sports. I think that it was Richie Benaud, the don of Cricket comentators, who said that he learned to not speak, unless he had somethin useful to say. Here here!!"
See you later...

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