Friday, 26 January 2007

Outstanding contribution to music: Oasis


One of the many things that gets on my nerves about the Brit Awards is the Outstanding Achievement award, and I suppose it is always about what do you see the award standing for. I always thought that the award was for artists that re-defined music, were inventive with their art, and not just for those artists that sold by the truckload whatever tosh that they put out.

I was with a friend many years ago, when I first thought about who I would like to see pick up this award, the recipient who sparked the debate was The Eurithmics. Not a bad band, put out some good records. But not really the sort of band that I thought should have picked up the award. This years recipients, Oasis are another good band, but have they made an outstanding contribution to music? Hmmmm…. I came up with a list of 5 acts, people etc who should receive this honour.

1)Malcolm McLaren- Sure, he deserves it for managing and putting together the Sex Pistols, but also for the Duck Rock album which kind of was many peoples introduction in this country to the fledgling genre of Hip-Hop. It was also a dry run for the musicians who would form Art of Noise.

2)The Clash- “White Man in Hammersmith Palais”, “London Calling (both album & single) “The Magnificent Seven”, “Spanish Bombs”, “Rock the Casbah”… Really do I need to go on…

3) Anthony Wilson- He started Farctory, which was supposed to be an independent feeder label, but that was before Joy Division kinda changed the game plan. Also signed the Happy Mondays. Factory changed the game plan for a lot of small independent record labels.

4) Depeche Mode- The most criminally underrated British band, invented Alanis Morrisette (unfortunately) with their “Songs of Faith and Devotion” album. More “interesting” than Duran or Spandau.

5) Paul Oakenfold/Steve Osborne- Really these guys are here for initially their re-mix work with the Happy Mondays, followed by their production on the Mondays breakthrough album “Pills Thrills and Bellyaches”. The trend of guitar bands having dance makeovers started with the Oakenfold/Osborne re-mix of “Wrote For Luck” (even if I prefer the Vince Clarke re-mix)

What do you think, let me know.

See you later.

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