Sunday, 15 April 2007

Explaining the Blast and other things

Hullo, just a quick blog today.

Bit of a nothing weekend, apart from the fact that I now know that St Mirren are doomed to relegation. How do I know this? Well in yesterdays Paisley Daily Express, there was an Interview with Tony Blair, who was here electioneering. Obviously after the stuff about education, health etc etc (unlike other news organisations who relegated the 34 dead in Iraq story behind the young couple split shocker story), Blair was asked about St Mirren, and he backs us to stay in the SPL!!!

Yep, we’re guffed!

The other thing I was going to talk about was my blast. For those of you not on yahoo, it is a kind of heading messagy thing that goes at the top of the main page. For the past 6 weeks it has been a quote from the excellent comedy panel show “Mock the Week”. One of the regulars is a Glasgow comedian by the name of Frankie Boyle, who was one of two acts worth watching on the now defunct BBC Scotland show “The Live Floor Show” (the other being the Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III, a spoof American preacher).

So the quote comes from the last round, which is an improvisational round where the comedians are asked to come up with the worst lines for any given situation, for this situation it was the worst line to be heard on Comic Relief night, this line – “Remember 20% of all money raised goes to a grinning African warlord wearing a necklace made from the bones of dissenting villagers...” was Frankie’s opening gambit.

I put it up because there was an element of truth about it, and I was getting really fed up of smug, rich, celebrities on the television telling us that we can help, as if the situation in Africa is ever as simple as that.

Rant over. See you next time!

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