Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Bloggies…

As you have probably seen, campaigning for the Total Politics awards has started.  I thought that it would be a good moment to have a look at the most read posts here over the past year, you know what they say about birthday’s bringing out a certain retrospection in people...


At 10, posted on 8th April 2010 – Malcolm McLaren Has Died – no explanation required here

At 9, posted on July 31st 2007 – New Pearl of India No Less – about my first visit to this restaurant since it moved from Aitkenhead Road.

In at 8, posted on May 10th 2009 – Was Thatcher Good For Scotland – looking at the Thatcher legacy seen through Scottish eyes.

In 7th place, posted on 28th October 2009 – The Title Track Courtesy of Sandy Stoddart – refuting the claim that it is chic to criticise Paisley.

At 6th, posted on 14th November 2009 – Why The SNP Lost Glasgow North East – looking at how the SNP lost a winnable by-election.

Into the top 5, at 5, posted on 11th July 2009 – Sma Shot Day 2009 – pictures from Paisley’s annual celebration of workers rights.

At 4, posted on 20th August 2009 – The Day Holyrood Grew up – reaction to the release of  the convicted Lockerbie bomber, and victim of the biggest miscarriage of justice in Scottish legal history.

Into the top 3, and at three, posted on May 31st 2007 – Mirador del Atlantico – a post about Gran Canaria.

At 2 is a post about the first of the historic “leaders” debates.  Posted on April 15 2010 – On Tonight's 15 to 1… compared the production of the show to a cheesy ITV game show.  Not so much removed from reality then…

However the most read post of the past year has been a blog posted on September 18th 2008 – The End Of Super Squirrel… – is my reaction to the end of, what was the first bank I ever held an account with.  Proving that the credit crunch still has an effect on people.

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