Monday, 3 May 2010

The Last Throw Of The Dice From New Labour In Renfrewshire

Disappointingly, this election to date I have only had 3 election leaflets.  New Labour delivered a third leaflet to my door this afternoon, where the following is put in a handwritten style…

Dear neighbour

This Thursday you have an important choice to make – whether to stick with a labour (sic) government or risk the tories coming back…

I grew up here in Renfrewshire.  I remember Linwood (the Rootes/Talbot car factory) closing, the division and the decay.  We’ve worked too hard to go back now to a Tory government.

Labour will protect jobs and frontline services.  The Tories would be a change local families just cannot afford.”


If that’s the best New Labour can promise here in Scotland, the other parties (in particular the SNP) must be kicking themselves.  Pass the sick-bag!

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