Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why I'm Voting Lib Dem

After what seems like an eternity with all of the spin and spin and more spin.  Tomorrow will be polling day, where each and every one of us will cast our vote, essentially for who will represent where you live in the House of Commons.  Of course the bigger picture is who will form the next government. I suspect that David Cameron will form the next government, either in a minority government or as part of a coalition (possably with the Northern Irish parties and A N Other).

As you have probably guessed, I have decided to vote Lib Dem.  There are three reasons for this.  Their policy of re-organising and reforming of Income Tax is long overdue.  Their policy of raising the tax threshold to £10,000 has been called the best incentive to low paid workers to enter work by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.  This proposal will also inject some much needed liquidity into the ecconomy, as the British econnomy is still lacking in movement of money.  They also back the rise in the top rate of tax being 50%, as well as the tightening of tax loopholes. I think that it was Stewart Hosie that said that not much money would be re-couped from this (if anyone can prove me wrong here, let me know).  I disagree.  According to Flat Earth News, in 2003 companies successfuly evaded paying £20,000 million in taxes, this figure will be higher considering the Guardian and Private Eye outed Tesco as tax evaders in 2008.  Even in the past couple of weeks, it was revealed Tesco have re-located their DVD website to Jersey to avoid paying taxes.  It's a pity reform of the HMRC was not on the agenda for all of the main parties.

 The Lib Dems are also in favour of tighter regulation of the banks, which none of the other parties seem particularaly interested in.  It might be a global recession, but the behaviour of our banks has greatly exacerbated the recession experience for Britain, so much so that much of the current deficit is down to the great bank bale out.  I wouldn't mind so much if the word contrition appeared in a bankers dictionary, as the people actualy getting the bonuses threatened to leave the country if they were denied their right.

The Lib Dems would scrap the ID Card's scheme, which the UK simply can't afford, as we can't afford Trident, and they would look to replace the riduculus Council Tax with their own version of LIT (it's a pity no common ground was found with the SNP at Holyrood on this one). 

I am somewhat dissapointed that all the main parties are commited to the privatisation of the Post Office, which will be more of a disaster for rural communities and housing schemes alike than the two network closeure programmes of 2005 and 2007.

The final reason why i'm voting Lib Dem is that Tavish Scott hasn't been anywhere near a television camera this campaign.

Whoever you support, make sure you vote tomorrow.

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