Sunday, 16 May 2010

GE2010: Top 5 Read Posts

There seems to have been a post on most days of this campaign from this blog.  Having looked at the data, I can confirm that these are the 5 most read posts relating to the election during the campaign for GE2010.  Cue the Top of the Pops theme of your choice…

5) – Election Night 2010: The one about the estimated time for which result is due, and highlighting the key results.  That one worked really well, didn’t it?


4) – An Election Leaflet (Yay!): The one about the first election address i received, for wee Dougie.


3) – The Economy Debate: The Paisley Version: The one about the debate about the economy held at the Methodist Hall in Paisley, 48 hours before the economy themed “Leaders Debate”


2) – The Prospective Champion? – The SNP’s Leaflet: The one about the SNP’s election address.


1) – On Tonight’s 15 to 1… : The one about the first of the “Leaders Debates”, and ITV’s interesting production values.


I should point out that the second most red post during this period had nothing at all to do with the election, it was this post about the death of Malcolm McLaren. In the next couple of days will be the second of my General Election round-up posts.

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