Sunday, 7 December 2008


The scandal now known as "Green-gate" really is the most spun, useless and obtuse scandal in British political history, with so many people spouting opinions, when in possession of so few facts. This seems to have developed into the media's favourite game of find a scapegoat... and hound them.

Yes, the arrest of the Conservative MP, Damian Green was heavy handed, perhaps our politicians should be made aware that no our police are not particularly good at their job, but they were following up a valid complaint about a security leek (in their own cack handed way). In any case, the civil servant involved has broken the rules by passing those documents to Green. He deserves the outcome of any disciplinary procedures which may or may not be ongoing.

What is particularly distasteful is the hunting of the Speaker, Michael Martin. Not sure whether he is good at his job, but since so many people up to this point have been found wanting, why focus on one person. Especially using such racist terminology as "Gorbals Mick", which for example, the Daily Mail writer Quentin Letts first used on Martin when he was first elected.

In the past month, we have had the high profile failure of a social services department come to light, our Police, gradually being shown to have been unable to spot and stop a mass serial killer, while our Bankers are on the verge of getting away with causing the biggest economic downturn due to their greed. And this is what vexes our chattering classes. Time for a reality check boys and girls.