Friday, 10 August 2012

Worse Than Chloe Smith...

At the end of June, we had supposedly an interview that was cringe worthy as much as it was car crash television.  It prompted a post here bemoaning the quality of political interviewers working in Scotland.  One of my work colleagues who saw the post asked why I hadn’t mentioned Isobel Fraser.  Thinking back, I suppose it was because she has only just reached the top rank of political presenters/interviewers at BBC Scotland, so I wasn’t sure of how good she is. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day Of The Lords

Hmmm, House Of Lord’s reforms. Dunno about you but I am kind of torn over this subject.

The Eric & Ernie of British Politic's
On the one hand, it’s yet another U-turn for a government that makes U-Turns into an Olympic standard manoeuvre.  At the last Westminster Elections, all of the English based parties said that they would enact some sort of reform on the UK’s “Second” Chamber.  Quelle Surprise that the first party to turn against Lords reform are the establishment party.  Clegg has a point in being angry at being stiffed over both voting and Lord’s reform.